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MHP   Formerly The Manning Hoffmann Partnership, has been shortened to the acronym "MHP".
GEOMATICS   The science of measurement and spatial calculations on the earth's surface, and the depiction of this information in an appropriate format to support Land Management.

MHP Geomatics is a multi-disciplinary firm consisting of approximately 120 permanent employees.  The head office is in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal and there is a large branch office in Gauteng. 

MHP Geomatics comprises two companies i.e. MHP Geomatics Administration (Pty) Ltd and MHP Geomatics Incorporated.  Both companies operate in the general surveying and development space. 

MHP Geomatics Incorporated focuses more on cadastral and engineering surveys whereas MHP Geomatics Administration (Pty) Ltd focuses more on the land management, project management and consulting components of the business.

The company operates throughout South Africa often in joint venture with firms in the Eastern and Western Cape, for survey work in the Cape.  MHP Geomatics has also undertaken several survey projects in Africa including Moçambique, Nigeria, Mali and Zambia.


To be the foremost professional company in Africa, providing integrated land management services, thus ensuring the client's access to appropriate resources and skills.


Through participatory leadership and employee citizenship, MHP shall provide the highest quality technical and business solutions, which will add value to MHP's client's operations.