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To be the foremost professional company in Africa, providing integrated land management services, thus ensuring the client's access to appropriate resources and skills.


Through participatory leadership and employee citizenship, MHP shall provide the highest quality technical and business solutions, which will add value to MHP's client's operations.



The GeoAfrika Group of Companies comprises several professional firms that are closely linked in terms of ownership and complement each other in terms of services offered:

MHP Geomatics

MHP Geomatics is in the business of surveying.  This includes all types of surveying including aerial, cadastral and topographical surveying.  Recently MHP Geomatics has purchased a high-end Riegl scanner and uses this technology to produce accurate 3D models of bridges and other structures, road surfaces, factories and other installations where the 3D positions of as-built infrastructure needs to be known to a high degree of accuracy.  Bridge design engineers are particularly interested in this technology when designing upgrades to existing bridges.


MHP GeoSpace

MHP GeoSpace is a highly skilled Geographic Information System and information technology outfit which supports the development process through inter alia a web based Sales / Conveyancing Geographic Information System.

MHP GeoSpace has also developed several GIS websites which support development professionals with planning and managing land acquisition and land alienation processes.

The competitive advantage of using a GIS is that strategic role-players such as banks, investors and purchasers of property within developments can, from anywhere in the world, view and interrogate the status of sales, transfers and cash flow of the development – irrespective of how small or large. Access to this Geographic Information System is by way of codes in order to ensure limited access with regards to the general public.


MHP Consulting (Pty) Ltd (MANCO)

MANCO is a highly successful but specialised firm provided Land Management Services to major Government and state companies such as the South Africa National Road Agency Limited (SANRAL). SANRAL is responsible for the national road network and MANCO has an exclusive contract to provide these services throughout the Republic of South Africa.


Siyazama Consulting

Siyazama Consulting have been recognised as specialists in Land and Legal aspects as it relates to land and the procurement of Development Rights and Environmental Authorisation in terms of mainly the Development Facilitation Act (DFA), Act 67 of 1995 and National Environment Management Act (NEMA), Act 107 of 1998.