Topographical Surveys


Topographical Surveys are undertaken to determine the contours and terrain of a site as well as to identify existing site features and important services that may already be installed on a site. These include above ground services such as lamp poles, pavements and sign boards as well as below ground services such as drainage and communication network pipes.

We are specialists in long distance strip Topographical Surveys along transportation networks and for routing of new bulk services.

Construction Supervisory Surveys


The modern day construction industry is highly competitive and has resulted in cost-cutting measures that often result in non-compliant work. It is important that both the client and design team are protected by survey checks during the construction process.

We provide qualified construction surveyors who are on site for the full life-cycle of a project to ensure compliance. These surveyors are supported by a team of senior engineering surveyors in our office with over 25 year’s experience.

Engineering Survey Consulting


The combined number of year’s experience in multiple survey disciplines within our firm is quite astounding. The result of this is that there are very few engineering survey problems that we haven’t faced and either solved ourselves or been part of the team that has.

We also assist a number of organisations with their procurement of Survey Services including defining Specifications and a Bill of Quantities as well providing a Quality Assessment framework for clients to ensure compliance of delivered surveys.

Laser Scanning


The ability to provide accurate and detailed high definition point cloud information has seen an increased demand for reliable Laser Scanning service providers. The further ability to convert these Point Clouds into intelligent 3D CAD and BIM models allows designers to make spatially informed decisions that reduce site visits saving time and money.

We have been involved in Laser Scanning since 2011 and have developed extensive skills in the both the Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling of industrial plants, sugar mills, pump stations, fuel depots and transportation infrastructure.

Aerial Surveys


Aerial Surveys provide crucial datasets for planning and development of large-scale project areas. Datasets are typically collected in two different formats. Visual data (colour/infrared/thermal imagery) and Terrain Data (LIDAR or Photogrammetric). The rapid rise of UAV technology has re-vitalised the interest in this survey field and lowered the cost.

We also have close associations with a number of industry leading large-scale service providers to provide complete aerial datasets regardless of the project size.

Mobile Mapping


Collecting data on the move has always been advantageous in the survey world as it allows large project area’s to be mapped efficiently. The term Mobile Mapping is defined as the collection of geospatial data from a Mobile platform using a range of sensors mounted to the platform. The most common sensors include LIDAR, 360 Photographic data sensors and inertial data sensors.

At MHP we have applied the capturing of these datasets along transportation routes to improve safety, accuracy and speed of data capture. We work closely with vendor suppliers to ensure that the correct capture tool is used on a project. The technology has been applied in mapping of detailed road networks as well as for visual inspection and GIS data recording of street furniture.

Land Rights Surveys


The provision and protection of Land Rights is a fundamental cornerstone of an economically successful country. In most of Southern Africa these Land Rights are defined and documented by diagrams and plans prepared by Professional Land Surveyors (PLS). These include diagrams that define freehold boundaries, servitude rights, leasehold rights and mineral rights.

MHP Geomatics employs more Professional Land Surveyors (PLS) than any other organisation in Africa and have over a 100 years combined experience in preparing and submitting Diagrams to the numerous Surveyor-General office’s across Southern Africa. We are also proud to be considered the number one organisation at which Professional Land Surveyors – in Training (PLST) undertake their articles period training. The students graduate from this training programme as some of the most diversely skilled Professionals in the country.

Sectional Title Surveys


Global urbanisation and population growth has placed pressure on urban land parcels. Sectional Title allows a higher density of development over smaller area’s and has become a popular development tool to provide freehold rights.

We have a number of in-house Sectional Title Practioners who have extensive experience in both historical conversions to Sectional Title as well as new developments.

Development Planning


MHP Geomatics have been instrumental in securing Development Rights over land parcels for nearly 30 years. We have an excellent understanding of all aspects that affect the success of a development from a Land Rights context.

Through the establishment of the GeoAfrika Group we are able to collaborate and consult on all aspects of Developmental work including Planning, Surveying, Project Management and Conveyancing.